K18YG, Aquamarine, Akoya Pearl Necklace

K18YG, Aquamarine, Akoya Pearl Necklace

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Product Code: TFN1183

Size: Max43cm

Material: K18YG, Akoya Pearl, Aquamarine

A fascinating sea that spreads through the Mediterranean SeaAquamarine in blue is a special stone that is as beautiful as beautiful and clear, but also has a depth that is sucked. The elegant Akoya pearl shine quietly stands next to the aquamarine to keep the sparkling and calm balance.

The left and right chains with different thickness add a gorgeous and classic shine to a contemporary playfulness.


[Product information]

Product code = TFN 1183

LENGTH = 430mm

Material = K18YG, Akoya Pearl, Aquamarine



・ For natural stone, the color of the image may differ depending on the environment settings and weather of your device.

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[About handling]
・ After use, carefully wipe it with a soft cloth and store it in a place where direct sunlight is not exposed, and you can enjoy the condition at the time of purchase longer.

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