Poetic Harmony and Individuality

Color, shape, distinct stones and motifs – 
Elements with unique characteristics mixed, creating a poetic and harmonic beauty,
High quality, real materials reworked in a bold and playful spirit,
All meant to inspire and capture the inner spirit of the mature and independent woman.

Semi-order jewelry services carefully matching each stone and color’s meaning are available upon request.



After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, where she earned a Master's Degree in jewelry design and metalsmithing, Tomoko Furusawa presented her work with unique stories behind each collection, receiving acclaim from around the globe. Returning to Tokyo, she worked as a fashion and jewelry consultant, meanwhile getting married and becoming a mother of two kids. In 2019, building upon these experiences and a never fading passion for jewelry making, she was inspired to start a fine jewelry brand for women her own age.

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